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2014 Public Radio Engineering Conference


THANK YOU to all who attended and made PREC 2014 a huge success! 
We had full attendance and a capacity crowd.
Mark your calendars now for PREC 2015--April 9 and 10, 2015
(Tentative--based on scheduled dates for NAB 2015, venue TBD)

2014 APRE Engineering Achievement Awards

The Association of Public Radio Engineers has announced two winners for its 2014 Engineering Achievement Award: Bud Aiello, director of engineering technologies at NPR, and Gray Frierson Haertig, owner and principal engineer of Gray Frierson Haertig & Associates.

Aiello's nomination noted his work on NPR's new technical facility where he served as the primary architect for the overall systems. "From the early days of designing, to climbing in the construction hole to check the contractor's welds of the grounding grid, to wrestling into submission multiple vendors" Aiello's work proved to be invaluable.

The nomination form noted that Aiello "has a keen eye for detail, uncanny instincts for problem solving, and is a gifted arbiter of where to take advantage of new technologies and where to avoid risks with designs he has reason to doubt will bear the tests of time."

The nomination form submitted for Gray Haertig pointed to his "prolific presence on Pubtech [that] has educated and mentored a significant number of engineers still on the steep side of the learning curve of radio engineering." Also noted was his work with "Numerous new non-commercial radio facilities including those stations serving Indigenous populations" for which he provided RF engineering services that were needed to build, remodel, or improve. 
Gray models a new Hawaiian shirt given to him at the awards dinner by Dan Houg of KAXE-FM.
In addition to his Engineering efforts, he is well known by many for his colorful attire!

2015 Public Radio Engineering Conference
Speaking Opportunities 

 If you are interested in speaking at PREC 2015 or have topic ideas, we would love to hear from you!
The Public Radio Engineering Conference attracts a wide variety of attendees from across the Public Radio community.
PREC is an excellent opportunity to speak to this diverse group.
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PREC Sponsorship

Thanks to our PREC 2014 Sponsors
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